International Marketing Team of Uniforst taking the first steps of the project. From left to right: Helinä, Umair, CEO Atte and Mohammad

Uniforst has always been growing, progressing and adapting along with its diverse set of customers and members. The seed of an idea about expanding to international markets has been slowly germinating on the side of other projects. Finally, with a new year, new energy and new goals set on the horizon, Uniforst decided to start nurturing this seed and see how it would grow.

An international event for Uniforst members was organized on 19th January 2016. The combined brainpower generated some great ideas about potential customers abroad, services Uniforst could offer them and the benefits an international clientele could bring for the members. The results of the meeting are published in this blog and can be read here. Inspired by the activity and ideas of its members, Uniforst decided to take the chance and explore the markets abroad.

So, an International Marketing Team was created, consisting of these three people: Helinä Poutamo, Umair Masoud Awan, and Mohammad Imangholiloo. Currently our team of well-motivated members is taking these three crucial steps in expanding Uniforst internationally:

  1. Creating content. We have tailored a brochure long enough to give essential information about our services but short enough to keep things interesting.
  2. Translating. The English version of our website needed to be a customer-magnet and have some stories from Finnish customers.
  3. Getting connected. In addition to the team’s efforts in hunting contacts, we are using the connections of Uniforst’s members. By exploiting all possible resources available we are hoping to contact as many companies and organizations in the forest-based sector as possible.

The main goal of our team is to gain international job opportunities for our members!

A few side steps along the way have made our project a bit more versatile. In the hopes of recruiting some new international students and thus expanding Uniforst’s international brainpower, we are organizing an open event about current topics in European forest policy.

If you’re interested in hearing the views and opinions of some of the most important people in forest policy, come and join our awesome company at the livestreaming of ”Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sector”. We’ll offer some snacks and drinks!

See more about the event on its Facebook page.