Examples of services we have provided for our customers


Finnish Forest Industries

Native Swedish speaking forestry student did a Finnish to Swedish translation for presentation material which focused on marketing forestry studies. “Visual appearance of the material remained good and the translation was high-quality. Translator’s personal experience of forestry sector was reflected in the result.”

Helena Seppälä
Finnish Forest Industries

Simosol Oy

Uniforst delivered one terrain measurer for Simosol Oy to do Trestima terrain measurements in Eastern Finland in autumn 2016. “The measurements were completed on time and the quality was as promised. The employee was already familiar with Trestima application so no training was required. We will ask help from Uniforst also going forward.”

Antti Mäkinen
Simosol Oy

Sahateollisuus Ry

Sahateollisuus ry (entinen Suomen Sahat ry) palkkasi Uniforstin kautta Toimistoforstin avustamaan mm. organisaation viestinnässä, tilastoseurannassa sekä sidosryhmätilaisuuksissa. ”Viestinnässämme on tapahtunut ryhtiliike, toimistoomme on tullut järjestystä ja vakituiset työntekijät pystyvät keskittymään ”oikeisiin töihin” assistentin hoitaessa juoksevia asioita.”

Kai Merivuori
Sahateollisuus ry



Uniforstilta saimme kaksi eventtiforstia avustamaan Pilke360-hankkeessa,
Tiedekeskus Pilkkeen kiertävän metsäpeliluolan vieraillessa Helsingissä Hiidenkiven koululla.

Metsäpeliluola hyödyntää metsään ja uusiutuvien luonnonvarojen käyttöön liittyviä pelejä ja sen tarkoituksena on innostaa uusia osaajia metsäalalle.

Avustajien osaaminen metsäalasta auttoi ryhmien ohjauksessa sekä työpajojen vetämisessä. Heidän oma innostus metsien kestävää käyttöä sekä biotaloutta kohtaan välittyi nuorille. Metsäylioppilaiden läsnäolo edisti peliluolan sanomaa siitä, että metsäala on yksi varteenotettava opiskelusuunta tulevaisuudessa.

Työntekijöiden reipas ja mutkaton asenne pysyi yllä koko viikon. Peliluolan kokoaminen ja purku sujuivat ongelmitta ja olimme kokonaisuudessaan tyytyväisiä Uniforstin toimintaan.

Laura Kuusisto
Pilke360- hankkeen projektipäällikkö



UPM Silvesta Oy



Starting from October 2014, the forestry students’ cooperative Uniforst has participated in interacting with customers and the co-creation of geographic information platforms for Vierimetsä project, coordinated by UPM Silvesta and Caruna. During the project trees were removed around electricity distribution network (20 kV) and the local network (110kV) was secured from trees. Also over 25 000 land owners were contacted and about 200 000 m3 of raw wood material was cut down.

UPM Silvesta educated about 400 forest professionals to work in close adjacency of electricity networks. In the work regarding the interaction with customers, the workforce of Uniforst were in charge of the necessity of engagement and mailing the letters to the residences. Residences in need of operational activity were discovered from GIS, after which the land owners were interviewed with reference to the state of tree coverage and proposition of action regarding them. Efforts of the workforce in relation to GIS also included Excel-based information processing. As an effort to optimize different work stages VBA-systems were carried out.

This project has employed 9 employees of Uniforst in total. Furthermore the project has employed 7 employees concurrently. Uniforst has been in charge of recruiting the employees and forming them in teams. The teams worked independently and they were managed by a project coordinator who was also in charge of communication with the client.

Collaboration between Uniforst and UPM Silvesta ran smoothly and especially in times of urgency Uniforst carried out the project in a flexible schedule. In part, this collaboration project granted hands-on experience to forest students, and simultaneously UPM Silvesta received extra workforce for customer interaction. The customer interaction was the central function of this collective assignment, because before the permission from land owners is permitted, the logging work can’t be started.

Jukka Koivumäki
UPM Silvesta Oy



Finnish Forest Industries



Through Uniforst we were able to effortlessly hire two enthusiastic and cheery assistants for the Studia-fair on 1.-2.12.2015. The assistants told high school students about studying opportunities and encouraged them to apply for study paths in the forest industries sector. “As forestry students themselves, the assistants were easy to approach and had their own studying experiences and possibilites fresh in their memories. Consequently, our stand had a steady flow of interested students throughout the fair. The assistants accomplished their tasks very well.”

Paavo Lyytikäinen
Finnish Forest Industries




University of Helsinki



Working on a doctoral thesis along with a part-time job is quite a challenge. Through Uniforst we found research assistants to help with digitizing interview materials. Transferring information in English from interview forms to Excel was done swiftly, within schedule and with high quality.

Anne Arvola
University of Helsinki




The Finnish Society of Forest Sciences



Uniforst offered The Finnish Society of Forest Science a meeting assistant for two separate events: The international working party meeting of IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations), entitled ”International Workshop on Forest Science Publishing”, and the annual Forest Science Day, which is the largest annual gathering of Finnish forest scientists. “The assignments that varied from publication layout designing to making dinner reservations were conducted flawlessly, and the conference delegates had high quality guidance both in English and in Finnish. The assistant’s forestry knowledge was a great advantage in this job.”

Pekka Nygren
The Finnish Society of Forest Science




Ponsse Plc



Uniforst offered one worker to Ponsse Oyj during the Helsinki Forest fair –event 6.-8. November 2015. The job included different kind of fair presenter tasks and helping with the practical arrangements too.

“The worker was a very active and outgoing person, like the fair presenter has to be. We got along with him very well and I noted how good he took the visitors and answered expertly to their questions so he has familiarized himself with our products in advance. And when he hasn’t an answer to some questions he bravely asked from us who have been there longer.
In summary, we were left with a positive impression of him.”

Tuomo Koivunen
Ponsse PLC Tampere


Tuomo Koivunen
Ponsse Oyj Tampere



City of Helsinki, Public Works Department



The Forestry Students’ Cooperative Uniforst conducted on exemplary field survey and associated transcription and reporting, all within schedule, as a part of the regional planning projects of Mustikkamaa and Jakomäki-Tattariharju. Our collaboration will continue in other project areas.

Antti Siuruainen
Forest planner
City of Helsinki
Public Works Department




Stora Enso



Uniforst offered almost twenty event assistants to guide visitors and to help in organizing Stora Enso’s “Koko perheen metsäpäivä”- event.
“Brisk and effective work!”

Tuukka Kataja
Stora Enso Metsä