Our competence is the sum of our members’ skills.


As a member of Uniforst you will improve your chances to gather working experience in your own field of study already during your studies. You will also benefit from educational events that Uniforst organizes. We pursue to provide our members a variety of short-term and long-term employments. You can join Uniforst by clicking the button in this page’s cover photo.

Cooperative’s official documents and material gathered from events can be found from Uniforst’s Members Site.
Once you join Uniforst, you will be granted access to Members Site’s Documents- section.

When you graduate or if you want to end your membership, please fill the resign form.


When applying for a job, one of the most critical things is your past working experience. It is a good idea to gather experience already during your studies. Uniforst regularly employs forestry students to forest-sector organizations, and as a member, you have the upper hand when applying for jobs offered by us.

In work life, we often need some skills that we don’t learn in the lecture rooms. Such skills include among others forestry-related communications and utilizing social media as a tool for a company. We organize courses and seminars to improve our members’ work life capabilities.

We regularly organize events for our members. In these events, we usually discuss current topics regarding Uniforst, meet inspiring people or just have fun in a good company!
As a member of Uniforst, you will be welcome to all events that we organize.

Uniforst is a link between your studies and working life. By taking part in our activities, you get to meet people who are already working in different organizations!

We are currently planning a service around doing M.Sc thesis research. In the future, you might find your dream thesis topic through us – Uniforst will assist with the practicalities.

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